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UK’s biggest data centre to use renewable energy

November 25th, 2009
Being green will be a big deal for some web hosting users and they will be pleas...

Data security ‘lacking chief-level support’

November 25th, 2009
Even though some web hosting users may be adamant that data security is a must, ...

Web hosting users ‘set to see positive PC signs’

November 25th, 2009
As web hosting users continue to deal with the difficult economic pressures of t...

Web hosting users learn of BBC SEO efforts

November 24th, 2009
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a growing market and big-name organisations ...

UK e-tailers ‘better with video’ than US counterparts

November 24th, 2009
Countries compete with one another in a variety of ways and undoubtedly some web...

Swindon looks to spread Wi-Fi love

November 24th, 2009
Some web hosting users may be dreaming of a day when internet access is availabl...

Chrome OS ‘will not take on Windows directly’

November 24th, 2009
Web hosting users will be using various operating systems (OS) and may now look ...

Web hosting users alerted to spoof Facebook page

November 23rd, 2009
Web hosting users will be running their own legitimate websites, but unfortunate...

Twitter asks “What’s happening?”

November 23rd, 2009
Twitter is a big deal, as many web hosting users will know. They may want to tak...

Joomla! announces event for third-party developers

November 20th, 2009
A Joomla! event for third-party developers is set to take place in New York City...