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WordPress forum volunteers recognised

December 1st, 2009

A member of the WordPress team has decided to thank forum volunteers for all of their efforts. Writing on the company blog, Jane Wells noted that these people, who could include some proactive web hosting users, do not get a large amount of attention.

She described the volunteers as "amazing" who give up their time for the sake of other WordPress users and developers.

"People who only know a little answer easy questions that maybe they’ve only recently learned the answers to themselves. People with more expert skills help troubleshoot larger issues," she explained.

While she recognised that there are people out there who can be difficult to deal with on the forums, most of what Ms Wells sees on the forums is what is best about the WordPress community.

The support forum moderators were the first people to get credit from Ms Wells. These include those going by the WordPress.org usernames Otto42, jeremyclark13, MichaelH, samboll and Chris_K, while Moshu, Podz and Kafkaesqui also received a mention.

A number of non-official volunteers were recognised for their efforts and nominated by more than one official moderator. The WordPress user alchymyth was noted for their overall knowledge, while apljdi was recognised for their knowledge and programming abilities.

"It would be great for us to start thinking about some ways we could make it easier/more rewarding for people to be involved in the forums and other aspects of the open source project," Ms Wells wrote.

Web hosting users out there may want to get involved to help make the service as effective as possible.

She also recommended users to search the forums for their problem before posting as they will be wasting people’s time if the question has already been answered before.

WordPress was recently awarded the Overall Best Open Source CMS Award in the 2009 Open Source CMS Awards.

Written by Jessica Lighthouse.ADNFCR-2595-ID-19487852-ADNFCR